The Way Forward

Faced with an increasingly challenging operating environment, TH Group is pursuing a focused growth strategy by directing its expertise towards quarry, while building on its strong fundamentals in plantation.

Ultimately, establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships regionally and internationally will enable the Group to further expand its business portfolio, and increase its bottom line. The Group will undoubtedly benefit from the transfer of knowledge and technology, enhancing its research and development capabilities, which in turn will provide for the continued success and profitability of products developed.

The Group believes in pooling extensive industry and management experience from a wide variety of fields to fortify the professional management of its core business areas. Our focus remains on maintaining quality in all aspects of our business, training and development as well as in the grooming of young leaders.

Steadfast in our commitment to our vision and mission, we constantly look at improving our business scope, further establishing our presence in the global economy. In line with this, the Group will continue to be proactive in proposing innovative and effective measures to widen our business platform, thus ensuring sustained growth and higher returns.